Fallen Legion: Sins of an Empire PS4 Review

By: Nate

With an art style similar to Odin’s Sphere and a unique gameplay style, Fallen Legion: Sins of an Empire has released for the Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita.

There are two different stories for this game. If you purchase the game for the Playstation 4, you will play as Princess Cecille. Some unfortunate circumstances lead to her becoming the Emperor of her disempowering kingdom. During the war, the choices that you make as a player will impact the story. Players must make split-second decisions. These decisions will also give players advantages on the battlefield and change the game’s story. You might want to execute a traitor or not help the poor. It is completely up to you and the rewards and story differ depending on your choices. I really enjoyed this aspect of the game as it feels unique and different from what I am used to.

If you play the game on the Playstation Vita (Flames of Rebellion), you will play from the perspective of the enemy, Legatus Laendur. He is the general of a group that opposes the royal family. I have not had a chance to play on the Playstation Vita version of the game yet so I will update this review or create a new review for that version. Essentially, you have one war from two different perspectives in two versions of the game.

The gameplay feels fresh. It’s not a simple side scroller or RPG. Players will fight in numerous battles and must put their skills to the test. As Cecille, you will command your diverse troops to take out the enemy. Players can use Cecille’s magic, Zulfiqar’s knightly skills, Apollon’s bow, and many more. You can use up to four characters in battle.

Along with Cassandra’s Coil (Magic attack), you can heal, revive and use other magic attacks. Each Exemplar has their own unique deathblows, skills and attacks. You can also earn relics from the choices you make. Orbs (to equip on your characters) are earned at the end of a level. Depending on your grade (A, B, C…), you’ll get an orb. Blocking in the game is extremely helpful as you can stagger an enemy with a well-timed block of an attack. This will make the enemy more susceptible to your attacks.

When the game actually has voice acting in the scenes, it sounds great. The game features Xanthe Huynh from Persona 5 has the role of Cecille and many other fantastic voice actors. The music also sounds remarkable.

The 2D artwork has an Odin’s Sphere vibe and looks astounding. The hand-drawn environments and characters are beautiful and I have never noticed any drops in the framerate.

Overall, the game has great story which is also written by the person who edited Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward (Ben Bateman), fantastic voice actors and unique battle style. The game is priced at an affordable $19.99 and features two different but great stories (Depending on which version you buy). If you preorder the PS4 version, you get 20% off and the PS Vita version for free too.

8/10 – A fun, unique RPG.


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