AereA Review | PS4, Xbox One & Steam [PC]

By: Nate

For once, I was actually excited to see a small-budget game get some attention from websites like Play-Asia (Has an exclusive physical edition) and Amazon (Has a Collector’s Edition), but boy, did that excitement simmer down quick.

AereA has been released for the PS4, Xbox One, and Steam. This music themed RPG has you play as a disciple of the Great Maestro Guido. You must find out what has happened to the nine primordial instruments and restore balance to the universe. This all sounds great, but is presented very poorly throughout the game. The little bits and pieces of story are boring and mundane.

If the dull plot didn’t scare you off yet, the gameplay might do so. As a player, you can choose among four different characters to play as – a Harp-Archer, Cello-Knight, Lute-Mage, or Trumpet-Gunner. You can also add 3 friends to your party. Counting you, this is four in total. The one real big criticism I have for this is, it’d be nice to play with an AI and being able to switch between the four characters because most likely your friends are not going to want to play this game.

The gameplay is limiting as it is very linear and you only get a few different moves for each character. There are only 22 different enemy types and 9 different bosses. I also found that the traps in the game are trivial. As a whole, the gameplay is nothing special. I thought that since it had musical instruments that it’d be interesting, but it is not. It also would’ve been nice to have a sprint feature in the game.

The game features a selection of biomes to explore, but each level does not take long to explore and missions are simple. Another disappointing feature is that you travel by using an airship, but the airship is unexplorable. You can only go to the next area. So, what is the point of having you jump on an airship if there is nothing there? Basically, it has no purpose.

“Enjoy the beautifully drawn music themed graphic style.” This is a false advertising because the game is far from being beautiful. It is ugly and nothing special at all.

Overall, for a $39.99 ($59.99 if you get the deluxe edition) on the Playstation Store, you get a $5 bargain bin game. I was very disappointed by everything in this game. Also, why is it cheaper on Steam? We get Hellblade soon and that game is going to cost $29.99 and I can guarantee that it won’t be this bad. The starting price should be $10 and then cheaper when it’s on sale.

2/10 – An overpriced bargain bin game!




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