Superdimension Neptune VS SEGA Hard Girls – PC Review

By Nate

The latest Hyperdimension Neptunia game has finally been released for Steam and PC. Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls is a fusion of the cast of the Hyperdimension Neptunia games and several Sega gaming consoles. Idea Factory International and Sega worked together to bring gamers an ultimate mashup.

Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls begins in the Grand Library which holds all of the world’s history within it. Our main protagonist of this game, IF, decides to venture into the library. Unfolding before her very eyes, books begin to vanish. The world’s history begins to disappear and the reasons for this occurrence become a mystery. IF goes on a time traveling journey to uncover the truth behind this strange disappearance of history. She must work with both the Sega Hard Girls and CPU Goddesses to recover the lost history.

The story for Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls is fantastic. Like previous games in the series, it has humor, gaming references, and fantastic scenes. The problem that I ran into was the time system. For the first time in the franchise, Superdimension introduces a time system. Players will have only a limited amount of attempts at changing history by completing quests before they have to fight the final boss. Thankfully, if you fail because of how over-powered the boss is, you get to continue to complete quests. You also keep all items, stats, and levels, but you’ll have to give the boss a boost in stats of your choosing.

Time systems in general are terrible because they usually make a player rush through the game, skip side quests, and not get to experience as much. The dialogue is great and the voice actors of our favorite characters are back. Neptune, IF, Nepgear, Plutia, and Uzume return as playable characters. Many of the new characters are from Sega consoles including Sega Hatsumi, Dream Cast, Sega Saturn, Game Gear, and Mega Drive. The amount of new and returning characters is fantastic.

How long it takes to complete the game is completely up to how good you are at grinding and handling repetitive gameplay. We get a unique battle system; however, it is by far the worst gameplay that I have ever seen in a Hyperdimension series game. Players can either attack an enemy with preset attacks or hold down the attack button in order to fight. It takes all the unique combo making out of what made some of the previous games’ battle systems so fun.

Players can use many different unlockable skills and classes too. The game features several classes for each main character. The clones of the goddesses and hard girls cannot change classes so for majority of the game, you may only use class change on IF and Segami. The game’s preemptive strike also is annoying because sometimes, even when you attacked first, you won’t always get the preemptive strike and will be ambushed by several enemies.

During battle, players will gain SP by attacking multiple times. Every time you use a skill or transform a character, her SP will be used. I actually enjoy starting out with a full bar of SP every time. In this game you have to earn your SP and I didn’t like that. There is a bar on the right side of the screen that is for Fever Time. Once you reach 100%, this special skill allows you to attack the enemy as much as you want without them getting a turn. Once the meter depletes the whole way, you will go back to fighting as you normally would. The game also features floating special items in battle such as hearts, diamonds, and stars. Depending on what item it is, one of your characters can jump and earn health, SP, or something else that is useful.

Traversing the same areas, but in different eras of time can be quite boring. The game doesn’t change anything within those areas. There are coins that’ll remind you of Sonic when picking them up and secret baseballs. In each era, in the same location lies the same baseballs and coins. Yep, they don’t change locations and even the enemies are the same. The game does include some rope climbing with a weirdly adjusted camera. So it tries to fix it if you try to move your right analog stick. The gameplay as a whole feels like a step backwards from the previous games.

Have the graphics been improved on the PC version of this game? Yes, the graphics look so much better on PC; however, if you are using a Steam Link with your TV, they’ll look similar to the Vita version. Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls also can be played up to 4K and it looks gorgeous. The framerate also seemed to hold up well.

Some of the monsters in Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls look ridiculously dull in the game too. Remember the cute baby bugs in Megadimension Neptunia VII? I sure do and don’t remember their eyes looking so dopey.

Overall, Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls has a fantastic plot, but has a lousy execution. The gameplay is one of the worst of the series. Graphics in the game are much better than the its Vita counterpart. The comedy in the dialogue is one of the best in the series though and will carry you through the game.

7.5/10 – The game has been improved upon graphically, but that doesn’t make up for the less intriguing gameplay. If you enjoy Hyperdimension Games and must have this game in your collection, then you can pick up the game for 30% off its first week on Steam.

Extra Notes:

– One Quick Note: The audio sounds better in this version too. The music sounds better and might have been redone for this game.

– A Newly Added Chinese Language.



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