Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy Review

By Nate

A sequel to dungeon crawler, Operation Abyss, has finally hit store shelves and is more fun than ever.

Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy is the next chapter in the Operation Abyss series. The story for the game takes place in the Spring of 20XX in Tokyo, Japan. After countless battles, the Xth Squad is once again tested as a large, unidentified object appears in the sky. It is called the Embryo and may threaten the world. This time the Xth Squad have one mission and it is to infiltrate Embryo and fight the evil that lies from within.

This game plays much better than other dungeon crawlers created by Experience Inc. (Developer). Operation Babel uses a fast turn-based battle system. Players can use attacks, blood codes, and a variety of moves to defeat their enemies. There are several different types of blood code skills. Players must use strategy in each and every battle in order to win. Not only that, but there are over 140 spells and abilities that you can use against your enemies. Players can unlock new skills, level up their blood codes, and create stronger weapons and items.

Unity skills can also be used in Operation Babel. These are special skills that can only be unleashed when all your team members cooperate. Using these unity skills at the right time can increase the potential of the attack. XTND skills and spells are a brand-new game feature that allows you to use certain skills and spells if you have a special item equipped. This means that you can use the abilities of these skills/spells regardless of the blood code type. The skills and the turn-based battle system work perfectly together.

The game is of course not easy. It is one of the harder labyrinth running games that I have ever played, especially if you do not have the right squad prepared beforehand. The dungeon system is unique as the more battles that you survive, the more dangerous it becomes. The danger level is raised, but the more battles that you win will allow you to win better items. In the Abyss of the city, you’ll find some quite difficult missions.

Creating a character is similar, but better than Stranger of Sword City. Players can create a squad of their own custom characters or just use the default ones. The squad members’ blood codes include: Warrior, Magician, Physician, Academic, Archer, Knight, Samurai, Assassin, Monk, and Conjurer. Each character can have two of these blood codes: a main code and sub code. If you have a Knight and a monk, you’ll be able to use healing abilities and attack. It’s up to the player to create a well-balanced character.

The graphics in the scenes of Operation Babel are great. These, the character designs, and dialogue scenes look great. The graphics of the environments and dungeons look good, but there’s always room for improvement in this type of game.

Overall, Operation Babel is a tough and fun dungeon crawler. I regret not buying Operation Abyss for the Vita because that game, the predecessor of this one looks like it might’ve been fun too. The graphics, story, and gameplay are all good for this game.

8/10 – A Very Difficult and Fun Dungeon-Crawler. Fans of Experience Inc. and NIS America must pick up this game.



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