Dark Rose Valkyrie Review

By Nate

From the long time “Tales of” series scenario writer, Takumi Miyajima and “Tales of” series character designer Kosuke Fujishima, a new JRPG has been released for the Playstation 4.

Dark Rose Valkyrie is set in the year 1929. During this time, a massive outbreak has occurred. The outbreak transforms normal people into inhuman monsters known as Chimera.

What has caused this outbreak? Well, the mysterious virus crashed into Earth a long time ago on a meteorite, “The Black Garnet.” This Chimera Virus wiped out a total of 3% of the world’s entire population.

In response to the epidemic, Japan secluded itself from the rest of the world and formed a military covert agency known as ACID – Anti-Chimera Interception Division. The agency was created to defeat the remaining Chimera in the country.

The story for Dark Rose Valkyrie is very familiar, but not entirely told in the same fashion as past “Defeat the Monster” games. There is character development and lots of characters to learn about.

Combat in Dark Rose Valkyrie is fantastic, but can be very easy, even on hard mode. The game uses a turn-based system. Players can use riot combos, simultaneous attacks, Overdrive and much more to defeat the Chimera. You will also be able to customize your weapons and attack combos. I found the gameplay to be similar to Fairy Fencer F in both the attack animations and style.

During the battling sequences of the game, your backup characters can be assigned to your main characters. If a character is near-death or you just don’t like them, you can swap out the characters. You can also use follow-up attacks and defend certain character’s partners. This use of a partner system is a brilliant idea and I appreciated being able to use it.

The only thing I didn’t like about Dark Rose Valkyrie’s gameplay is that clothing takes damage so you’ll spend a lot of time repairing and upgrading it. I think that it is too time consuming and more annoying than anything else.

Graphically, Dark Rose Valkyrie is not a pretty game. It looks like the game is still in development. Especially in the world map. There is a day/night system, but it feels a little unnecessary. I think that the developer should have worked on finetuning the graphics and other areas of the game before putting in an unnecessary day/night system. During the night time, more powerful monsters will come out and attack you.

Another complaint about the game is that if you are caught at all, the monsters are almost impossible to hit with a preemptive strike. It is extremely aggravating, especially if your characters need to be healed.

One final aspect of the game is the character development. You form relationships with many of your squad members. During your downtime, you can talk to several different characters. This can result in better relationships and/or additional scenes. I really love the extra content that the developer pumped into the game.

Overall, Dark Rose Valkyrie is a fun, JRPG. It has a decent story, fun gameplay, and okay graphics. It just needed maybe a year or 2 to be more finetuned. If it had been given more development time, then I’d probably be really impressed.

7.5/10 – A fun RPG. If you enjoyed Fairy Fencer F and other Idea Factory Games, then you’ll have a great time with this game.


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