Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds Review

By Nate

Idea Factory gets their feet wet again with another Visual Novel series, Hakuoki. Because I have never played a game in this series before, I was quite intrigued by the visual novel, romance, and ninja aspects of the game.

Hakuoki Kyoto Winds is a straight up narrative; hence, being a visual novel game. Players have over 80 hours of total romancing and story to uncover. This means that the game does not take 80 hours to complete, but that there are several paths and romances to explore.

Playing as Chizuru (You can change the name if you want.), you journey through the story of the famous samurai of the Shinsengumi. In this game, you may experience the following: love, betrayal, and heartbreak. The game can be anything that you make of it based on your choices. There will be twists and turns throughout the story too.

To be honest, the game starts off very slow, but then picks up and becomes entertaining. You won’t want to stop playing once you get to a certain part in the story.

The art style used in this game is fantastic. This, along with the great voice acting and music used throughout, made for a great game.

Overall, the game has a lot of content and is made for multiple playthroughs. It starts out slow, but picks up after a certain part in the game (no spoilers). The graphics, music, and voice acting are great. I wish it wasn’t split into two parts, but it is. This is part 1 of a 2-part series. Also, the normal ending was not satisfying for me at all. Thankfully, there are over 30 different endings that you can get in the game.

8/10 – Fans of visual novels and of the Hakuoki series should pick this game up.



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