Valkyria Revolution | Azure Revolution Review

By Nate

Valkyria Chronicles III came out in Japan way back in January of the year 2011. The series has gone through several changes over the years and the latest release to hit North America was Valkyria Chronicles Remastered. The game was great and is cherished among many tactical role-playing fans. SEGA has now released the latest iteration in the Valkyria series with Valkyria Azure Revolution (Valkyria Revolution in the North America).

Valkyria Azure Revolution takes place in an alternative world and timeline than the original games. Five lifelong friends, “The Circle of Five,” put an entire continent into war because of personal revenge. The innocent civilian casualty count piles up because of half-truths and lies. “The Circle of Five,” along with the military must rise up and overtake their oppressors. The story for this game contains 11 main chapters along with several sub-missions and events. It is pretty good and I’d definitely recommend it if you enjoyed the original Valkyria series.

Gameplay for Revolution is definitely not just strategy/tactical nor is it a hack n’ slash, Dynasty Warriors style. It is a mix between the two game series. Players will be able to use their tactics and close range hacking and slashing in order to advance through the game. The only thing about the gameplay that felt weird for me was its fluidity. You have only a certain amount of stamina in this game. It just feels unnecessary and a little strange. If the developers worked it into the game better, then the gameplay might feel more solid.

Fans of the tactical, turn-based gameplay will be disappointed because the game does not stay true to the original formula. Players can use magical attacks, weapons (RPGs included), and much more to defeat their enemies. For me, I liked the combat better than the previous games, but it is because I am a fan of hack n’ slash and a faster gameplay style.

Revolution continues the tradition of customization with tons of weapons to buy/upgrade, skills to unlock, magical attacks to use, and more. It is definitely a good game to play if you have a lot of free-time.

Graphically, the game is more and less impressive than the remastered version of Valkyria Chronicles. Visually, the cutscenes, characters, and world look amazing. While in combat, the framerate is not a solid 60 fps or 30 fps for that matter. I was disappointed with the fluidity of it all, but loved the changes to the characters, time period and the universe.

Overall, Valkyria Azure Revolution is a hit or miss. You’ll either love it or hate it. Many fans of the previous entries in this series are not happy with this game and have been spreading their hate for it around the internet. Meanwhile, people like me that want something a little faster paced and like hack n’ slash games actually enjoy the game. The story is good, the scenes are beautiful, the gameplay is fun, and the framerate is not so great.

7.5/10 – A fun alternative game to the Valkyria Chronicles main series that is set in a different world with new characters, but also contains a few missteps.



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