Cyberdimension Neptunia: Four Goddesses Online Review

By Nate

2017 has finally come and you know what that means. Another Neptunia game has released. Already selling 50,000 units in Japan, Four Goddesses Online has surpassed Megadimension Neptunia VII’s Japanese sale numbers. Is Four Goddesses Online: Cyber Dimension Neptunia’s more open landscape and gameplay style as good as the previous games in the series? Let’s find out in this review.

Four Goddesses Online has a new story, characters, universe and much more. Cyber Dimension’s story is focused around the four goddesses – Neptune, Noire, Blanc and Vert, who have saved the world an endless amount of times. In this game they have been chosen as beta testers for the latest version of a popular game, “Four Goddesses Online.”

The first area of the game, Asgard, is a beautiful green fielded area. It also has The World Tree towering over top of it. The four goddesses soon encounter a guardian spirit, “Bouquet.” She guides our travelers and lets them know that the players are the “Chosen Ones.” Asgard is in danger by the Demon King and in order to save the world, they must work together, with each other and their sisters, make friends, and defeat monstrous beasts. This is where the game begins.

Be forewarned. This game is not for people who like turn-based gameplay. Compile Heart has completely done away with this style of battle. Instead it is similar to Toukiden and the other non-turned-based gameplay Neptunia games (MegaTagmension, Neptunia U, etc.). Players have a more open world concept with less linearity as past games. You can also set up your combos in two different sets and switch between them at any time during a fight.

By holding down L1 and a button (circle, triangle, x, or square), you activate one of your skills that you set up. You can use these skill attacks, use normal attacks, or use an awakening attack. Players have an arousal meter which fills up and once it is, you can use an awakening mode. In this mode your attacks are stronger, the SP gauge fills up faster, and you can continuously strike your opponent.

There is also strategic play in the game as well. Players can use the drop-down menu and corrugate a plan of attack. You can choose to be aggressive and have your characters do an all-out attack or you can even plan for your characters to stay back and take care or one another by healing. There are many options to choose from and the strategy is up to you.

Additionally, there is an online mode that players can use to either play with friends or other players around the world (mostly very high leveled players). Players can choose to find a server that is open and play with others or start their own. Similar to Bloodborne, players can choose to play with people that are using the same code setup so that no randoms appear. The online is a nice feature and all, but I actually liked the setup of MegaTagmension’s online better. Hopefully, players will stick around so that you don’t end up playing online by yourself.

While in an area, players can also survey the field or their characters. Hehehe… This is a neat mode if you wanted to take screenshots with the share button or wanted to take a picture with some of the derpy AI.

The main town in the game is setup similar to the older games in the series and you can see all your little chibi characters and interact with them. Sometimes they will even give you bonus scenes. Players can use the tutorial battle arena, buy boosters, sell and buy items/weapons at the store, buy magical crystals, and so much more. There is a lot to do while playing a level and while in the town.

Customization is back once again. Players can equip weapons, armor, gems, and accessories. Up to 5 accessories are available to wear. There are tons of unlockables and this provides for more gameplay and exploring. Sometimes unlocking chests while in the battlefield will let you earn new equipment and accessories.

There is a large cast of characters in this game. You have your main goddesses and their sisters making a return. Then you have a roster of several non-playable characters too. Veterans such as IF, Peashy, Compa, Uzume, Arfoire, and many more all make returns in some way or another.

I do like that the game developers included our Goddesses’ transformed forms in Cyberdimension. The problem I had with this is that you can only use these transformed forms as additional characters. I used to love actually transforming into HDD mode and using these forms. This game does away with that and the HDD forms are their own characters.

Graphically, Cyber Dimension Neptunia is the best-looking game in the series thus far. It uses Unreal Engine 4, but does not run as smooth as Megadimension Neptunia VII. It is a new engine for the series so I’ll let it slide a little bit here. The environments are brand new and everything is explorable and diverse. I love that they even changed up the costumes and designs to our girls. I don’t agree with all the class choice changes, but they will have to do for now.

One major complaint about this game is that it sometimes has game breaking mishaps. During combat, you can get stuck inside your AI companions. Sometimes the game has crashed for other players (hasn’t happened to me, but I have seen others gameplay just crash on them). Crashing wouldn’t be such a big deal if you could save manually throughout.

There is an auto-save system that is half-baked. Sometimes you’ll have to rebuy items, rearrange your abilities again or start over on a level (if it crashes). The final thing that I noticed was that some enemy AI will freeze and stop attacking. Then they won’t be able to be attacked. It only makes for great selfies. With the latest updates to the game, I haven’t noticed any of these problems so at least the publisher was aware enough by the problem to fix these issues.

The game also seems to be the shortest one in the series. I clocked in at 18 hours. That is with accidentally selling all my items and weapons to try to get the Millionaire trophy. Yes, the game saved after just closing the app. It doesn’t tell you when it saves and I wish there was not an automatic save system.

Overall, Four Goddesses Online: Cyber Dimension Neptunia expands upon the Neptunia series with great, new worlds. They have flaws, but at least we are seeing new environments and graphics. The gameplay is fun, but I still am a bigger fan of the turn-based style of battle. The story is better in previous games, but you still get the panty scenes, hilarious dialogue and great voice acting from the cast.

8/10 – Flawed, but also an improvement for the Neptunia series. Fans of the series should absolutely buy this game.

Additional Problems with the Game:

  • Too many Reused Bosses and Enemies.
  • Framerate Drops
  • Dumb AI (Both Enemy and Allies)
  • No Lip Movement during Dialogue Scenes



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