Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers – PS4 | PSV Review

By Nate

Yes, it’s that time of the year. Koei Tecmo has finally brought us another entry in the Dynasty Warriors series. This time, the publisher has decided to go back to something more unique and different than its typical hack n’ slash games.

Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers is the latest entry to the Dynasty Warriors: Tactics series and it is absolutely fantastic. The story takes place in the final days of the Han Dynasty in 220. This is also during the period of time that China had three kingdoms. Our main protagonists Lei Bin and Zhao Yun release Lixia from her slumber in a mysterious shrine near the remnants of the Yellow Turbans. After her awakening, Lixia, Lei Bin, and Zhao Yun embark on an adventure full of lore and history. This is where are journey begins.

The plot for Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers is fantastic and contains 10 main chapters with multiple side stories to obtain. In the game, you will also find the Path of Destiny allows you to unlock special battles and new officers to join your side in battle. It is a neat feature and allows players to fight alongside their favorite Dynasty Warriors combatants. For example, Lu Bu can be an amazing ally.


Gameplay in Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers can be a little hard at first, but after playing through a couple of scenarios and battles, you’ll get used to it. The game uses a grid format, similar to Disgaea and other SRPGs. It actually works great and players have many options while fighting. It is not too hard, but if you do need to make it harder, there are 3 game modes: easy, normal, and hard. Players must use their wit and play tactical to win.

Players will need move across the grid with the D-Pad (if you saw my livestream that I stopped, I was trying to use the analog stick.). You then select your action (attack, defend, Synchro, item, and etc.). Finally you choose your target for an attack and the amount of damage it does depends on your range and what kind of attack you choose.

Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers also introduces “Synchro” mode. This is short for synchronized attacks. Once you fill up your Synchro gauge, players can use this mode in order to have multiple characters attack. After you are done with all the characters’ Synchro attacks, you’ll have to rapidly tap the X button to receive a damage bonus on your enemies. You can literally take out the whole army of enemies if they are all close enough together.

Lixia can come into play too. You can use her special powers to change the battle conditions. An example of this would be engulfing the battlefield in flames with an orb.

The game also features a grid system for gaining new skills and abilities. It is easy and a breeze to use. There is also a shop where you can purchase or sell weapons, upgrade weapons, or merge two weapons together so that you can extract skills from the one and carry it over to the base weapon. The game also features a training area for players to practice their skills.


More great news about this game is that is have cross-save support and lots of extra bonuses. If you have save data from Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires or Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends, you’ll get extra character costumes from DW3 through DW7: Extreme Legends.

Graphics in Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers are a little bit of a mixed bag. The gameplay graphics look good but are nothing special. The overall graphics of the cutscenes are fantastic. I’ve seen better from Koei Tecmo on other games compared to some of the characters in this game, but let’s just talk about Lixia. They went all out on her and made her look gorgeous. She is the best looking and most intriguing character in this game, other than Lu Bu.

Usually, I don’t talk about this in games, but the music and voice acting are fantastic. The soundtrack is just great to listen to while tactically slicing and dicing away at enemies. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Overall, Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers is a great addition to my Dynasty Warriors collection. It has a fun, unique gameplay that works and isn’t boring, good graphics with fantastic cutscenes, and a nice story.

9/10 – It’s nice to see something different come from Koei Tecmo. I love the tactical style to the gameplay.


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