Tales of Berseria Review

By Nate

Tales of Berseria is the latest game in the Tales series and is the most fun that I have ever had with a Tales game. I love the dark and unique world, the characters, and the combat.

In Tales of Berseria, your locale for the story is Midgand Sacred Kingdom. Our main protagonist, Velvet Crowe, lives in a small village within this Kingdom. In the beginning part of the game, we see the humble and loving side of Velvet. She has to take care of her brother all by herself. However, not all is well in this little town.


There is rare disease known as Daemonblight which changes humans into monsters. As the night’s scarlet moon rises, everything in the land has shifted and changed. Velvet is betrayed by someone who she had trusted (No names because of spoilers). She loses someone who she loves and one of her hands. Her hand is swallowed up by a mysterious power and transformed into a Daemon hand. She now has the ability to eat monsters with this newly formed hand. As you progress through the story, you meet lots of companions and form long lasting relationships. The story is fantastic and can easily give you over 30 hours of game time.

The battle system for Tales of Berseria is an evolved version of the Linear Motion Battle System. You now have free camera control and can it be easily adjusted during the combat. Players can set up their own skills and combos for an amazing experience. In this game the abilities are known as artes and you can chain together combat and spell artes.


In Tales of Berseria, the Technical Points Bar has been replaced with the Soul Gauge. This is what you use to create big combos and powerful break artes. Once you have built up three or more bars on your Soul Gauge, you can unleash the break artes. You can also link attacks together with other characters. The gameplay is fun and I never got tired of it. One quick mention. When traversing the vast open areas, I always found myself exploring for more hidden items and newly unlocked areas. There’s a lot of exploring to do in this game.

Voice acting in Tales of Berseria is another highlight for this game. Characters can be comical, emotional and truly believable in English. It should be noted that the original Japanese voices were also spot-on.


Graphically, Tales of Berseria is a very dark toned and beautiful game. In terms of an anime styled game, it looks great. However, I did notice frame-rate issues on the Playstation 4 version of the game and it is quite disappointing to see this on such a device. I have talked to someone who played it on the PC and they did not have these issues. Even though the characters are great looking, the environments and enemies don’t always look as good. The developers do throw a lot of various types of environments too – tundras, caves, beaches, and more. The anime cutscenes are absolutely fantastic though and should be watched with a bag of popcorn in your hands.

Overall, Tales of Berseria is a fantastic JRPG. It has a wonderful plot, good graphics, and an addicting battle system. It is personally my favorite Tales game.

9/10 – Tales fans should enjoy this title. Players that like JRPGs with dark elements should also appreciate it.


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