School Girl ⚡ Zombie Hunter Review

By Nate

Did you enjoy Onechanbara and its sexy fan service? Or have you ever wondered what it’d be like if someone made a more sexual version Operation Raccoon City? Then School Girl / Zombie Hunter might or might not just be the game for you.

Tamsoft and D3 Publisher have put their brains together to bring us this atrocity. The story takes place at a school that is suddenly surrounded by large quantities of zombies. Five high school girls get their chance to drive back the zombie hordes and overcome this conflict. The story can be pretty short and you won’t feel attached to any of the characters. Basically, there are zombies and you must kill them. Don’t look too much into it other than that.


With a large arsenal of weapons such as rocket launchers, sub machines guns and shotguns, you’d think the gameplay would be fun. The sad part is it isn’t fun at all. The cutscenes are nice, especially if you preordered the game or bought the dlc. You will have lots of weapons, panties, and clothing to unlock, but that is not enough to drop $60+ into this game.

First off, the controls should be standard third person shooter controls. Instead we have a mess of a control setup. I’d rather just have the crosshair be something like a red laser like the main series Resident Evil games or even something like your typical third person shooter. Then you have the horrible AI. Both the zombies and your partner(s) are horrible. If you go into a bathroom, you might get trapped inside because your partner(s) won’t move out of the way (You have to press the jump button which is L1 to get out. L).

The collectibles in the game are these flying bat zombie creatures, but it’s neither fun nor exciting to go around and collect them. When you actually finish a mission that are timed horribly, you are greeted with your score. I think they are randomly generated because if my AI partner died, how did I get an SSS. There will be other times where I get a D or a B. It is just very unpredictable of what type of score you’ll get.

There is also a multiplayer mode. I made several attempts at trying to play online with a player, but there was never anyone online. After trying to put me in a match with someone the game just setup the match and I played solo. It is kind of like the single-player, but it is way harder. I’m sure a companion who you could talk to would be fun to play with, but this game is a ghost town in lobbies. You are better off just playing the single-player.


Graphics in School Girl / Zombie Hunter are average. The girls look good, but could look much better. Just take a look at Dead or Alive and you can see how much better the girls can be improved. Also, the zombies look bland and for the most part, we’ve seen everything that they have thrown at us before. Well, except for the double headed human centipede zombie. That was a surprising monster.

Overall, School Girl / Zombie Hunter is just a poorly designed game. It is not worth any amount of money that you throw at it. It is similar to Operation Raccoon City with its gameplay, but plays worse than that game. ORC is actually fun with friends. This game plays, looks and has less customizability than Onechanbara Z2 Chaos, and that came out 2 years ago.

2/10 – Titillating but boring. One of the worst zombie games of all time.


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