Idol Death Game TV Review

By Nate

Some very intriguing games have been coming out for the Halloween month in Japan and Idol Death Game TV is one of the several games making its debut on the Playstation Vita and PSTV. Is it as good as a similar themed game, Danganronpa? Let’s find out in this review.

Once every year, for the past ten years, an event takes place called Dream of Dreams. It is broadcasted on television and the last idol standing is the winner. This year marks the Tenth Anniversary for the Dream of Dreams competition and it is conducted much differently. The two competing Project 47 groups, Team Happy and Team Smile meet at a mansion settling in the mountains labeled as The House of Seven Moons. This is where the deadly competition will take place.


As the story unfolds, players will quickly find out that this game is based around death instead of singing and dancing. When an idol loses, her fate is set for a brutal and unjustly murder sequence. After playing through several deaths and through majority of the story, more playable characters unlock for you to play the story from another perspective. Players will start out with only one playable character.

The villain of the game, Doripaku, is not cute to look at and not very scary until you see what he does in the game. He looks like a derpy pink elephant. Comparing it to Danganronpa, I found the Monokuma bear much scarier and his actions far more horrific. Doripaku is more annoying and unfair than anything else. As you get further into the game, you will understand what I am talking about.


The gameplay is very simplistic when it comes to traversing each floor of the mansion. You must walk around and collect coins and items. While traveling, players can have battles with other characters based on the evidence and dirt that you have collected on that person. You are essentially exposing an illegal scandal that caused trauma in that idol’s life. These can be quite difficult if you do not speak Japanese, but they are definitely doable. Once you learn a few words in Japanese, you should be fine for the rest of the game.


Whoever wins this mini-game, takes a lot of the loser’s money. Money is used to buy items that are essential in moving on to the next floor. The main problem that I had with this mini-game is that I understand little to no Japanese. There is an auto-save system. There is no saving system where you can simply load up the game at any time. If you continue a game from the main menu, you have to start the whole floor over. It is a major inconvenience, especially the further you are in the game.


Once you have collected all of or majority of items required for the end-level game, you’ll have to complete a challenge. If you win, you will get to bear witness to a horrible murder (Death Concert). Like I said earlier, Doripaku is untrustworthy and a cheat. At least with Monokuma, you know what you are expecting. Doripaku makes it unwinnable at times for these girls to advance.

The graphics for Idol Death Game TV are good. I didn’t see any problems, but did not see anything to gloat about either. I think the voice acting is good for the idols too; however, I absolutely hated Doripaku’s voice. It sounded worse than a crying baby.

Overall, Idol Death Game TV is not fun, gameplaywise. It is only good when it comes to the dialogue and cutscenes elements. I don’t know which is worse, the save system or the very bare gameplay. If you like Danganronpa style games or anything with idols, I don’t think that you would like this game.

4/10 – Bland Gameplay and not fun.



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